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The Thai-Isan New Testament and Spoken Lao Edition
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================== OTHER THINGS I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT ==================

Two Differing Greek Texts:
Which Is More Accurate?
by Ron Myers

A Modern Version Bible Quiz
Which Version Is More Accurate?
Compiled by Ron Myers

The Philosophy and Practice of Bible Translation
A Simplified Explanation for Laymen
by Ron Myers - Translator

Greek Verb Tense Voice Mood Data Sheet
Copied and Compiled from Strong's
by Ron Myers

How we got our Bible -- Chapters 12-14
          12. The Gnostics & Alexandrian Codices
13. How We Got Our English Bible
  14. The Westcott and Hort Heresies

by Dr. Chuck Missler

Dr Wilbur N Pickering's Interview at Trinity Foundation Radio (AUDIO)
The Whys and Wherefores of Textual Accuracy Explained
by Dr Wilbur Pickering ThM., PhD. Linguistics
Wycliffe Bible Translator (ret.)


======== Calvinism and Reformed Beliefs==========

The Gospel of Jesus Christ - Whose Version?
The Apostle Paul's or John Calvin's?
A Biblical Critique
Researched & Compiled by Ron Myers

My Personal Encounter with The Dark Side of Calvinism
The Sad Demise of Venice Baptist Church - A Case Study
by Ron Myers

Why I Disagree With All Five Points of Calvinism
by Dr. Curtis Hutson

======== Teaching & Beliefs ==========

The Fountain of Eternal Youth (TEXT)
A Story Based on Biblical Truth
by Ron Myers

The Fountain of Eternal Youth (VIDEO)
A Story Based on Biblical Truth
by Ron Myers

Exploring Aspects of the Charismatic Movement
Is It Truly Blessed by God?
Are Its Beliefs, Claims, and Practices Biblically Sound?
A Biblical Critique
Researched & Compiled by Ron Myers

======== Other Subjects ==========

So Great A Salvation (Notes in English) New
How Great A Salvation We Have Been Given As a Believers. (Hebrews 2:3)

"A Paper On Basic Christian Beliefs (Thai)"
A Composite of Basically-Accepted Christian Doctrine

"English-Thai Doctrinal Statement"
Things We Believe and Value

======== Creation Evangelism ==========

Considering Creation - Do You Like Nature (Thai with Pics, Published Ver - Latest)

Considering Creation - Do You Like Nature (Thai Version - Baaw Ter, Narrator )
MP3 audio format, 18 Mbytes, 48 Minutes Playtime
Professionally Recorded in Thailand


Considering Creation - Do You Like Nature? (English Audio Version)
MP3 audio format, 6.8 Mbytes, 37 Minutes Playtime
(Left-click to Listen or Right-click & choose "Save Link As:" to download)

Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Spanish

"A Synopsis of My Life, Call, and Ministry Experience"
Past, Present and Future - By Ron Myers

"An Account of Ron & Cheryl Myers' Ministry"
Including Future Goals

"My Ordination Credential"
Set for the Defense of the Gospel

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(Adobe PDF File Format, 3-fold, 11"x14" legal-size paper, 1/4 inch borders, 1083 Kbytes)

Ron & Cheryl Myers: Printable Prayer Reminder Card - Ricefield Scene
(6" x 4" Jpeg file format, 100 dpi, 69 Kbytes)

Ron & Cheryl Myers: Printable Prayer Reminder Card - Fisherman Scene
(6" x 4" Jpeg file format, 100 dpi, 82 Kbytes)

Ron & Cheryl Myers: Printable Prayer Reminder Card - Countryside Collage
(6" x 4" Jpeg file format, 300 dpi, 473 Kbytes)

Ron & Cheryl Myers: Printable Prayer Reminder Card - Mekong River Scene
(6" x 4" Jpeg file format, 100 dpi, 51 Kbytes)

Ron Myers: A Special Thank You - Mekong River Scene
(6" x 4" Jpeg file format, 300 dpi, 300 Kbytes)

Ron & Cheryl Myers - Greetings From Thailand
(4" x 6" Jpeg file format, 300 dpi, 660 Kbytes)

Ron & Cheryl Myers: Thai Restaurant (Mother's Day '08)
(8" x 7" Jpeg file format, 100 dpi, 112 Kbytes)

Ron's Interview with WMHR Christian Radio, Syracuse, NY
(mp3 audio format, 2.4 Mbytes -- left-click to play, right-click to download)

A Synopsis of Ron & Cheryl Myers' Ministry and Future Goals:
(PDF format, approx 325 Kbytes)

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"The Isan Saga"  (My SDSU Master's Thesis)

Creator-Awareness - Explaining My Creation-Evangelism ‘‘Icebreaker’’ Presentation
(PDF format, approx 311 Kbytes)

Presently, Over 100,000 in Print.

Reasons Why This Approach Is So Important To Those of a Non-Judeo-Christian Worldview.

Preface: After years of thought-provoking research, along with various trial and error attempts, I finally arrived at a method of introducing the Gospel that successfully skirts or bypasses the Thai Buddhist incorrect theory of who Jesus is.  This unique presentation method piques genuine interest without them falling into the pitfalls of their wrongful presumptions, i.e., works-based religion. 

Continual application of this presentation in one-on-one verbal dialogues helped me to fine-tune its various aspects... a Gospel presentation that begins by filling in the facts about something they all adore, i.e., "Nature," yet whom are all ignorant of nature's God, who is actually their own Creator and Savior.  Once the fact of nature's Creator is established in their minds, it's only a short hop between that and a successful introduction of the Gospel message—thereby contributing to their understanding and acceptance of the truth.

Foreword:  Who is the Lord Jesus Christ? A super-genius with exceptional intellectual ability with an incredible capacity for originality in design.  Therefore, Origins Do Matter in a Proper Understanding of the Gospel Message!! Consequently, this little pamphlet contains a clear and powerful Gospel message; yet it starts with simple, but thought-provoking facts and examples of intelligent design, culminating in the question: "Is There An Intelligent Designer?"  And, if the evidence presented shows convincingly that there is, one must ask: "What is He like?"  ... "Where is He now?"  ..."Can we know Him?", etc.,  culminating in the story of Creation to Redemption, an introduction of the real Jesus—as opposed to Buddhist thought—finalizing in two short decision-oriented paragraphs for or against receiving Christ, and the results of each.

Introduction: This may well be the "Icebreaker" approach you have been looking for, to help you successfully reach the Thai mind and heart with the truth of the Gospel message.  It bypasses the typical stonewalls and interrelated difficulties encountered while using regular shortened witnessing methods.  As good as they work for some, they fall short when one seeks to evangelize Thai Buddhists.  And, instead of protective shields going up, it kindles genuine interest amongst otherwise unresponsive, disinterested Thai Buddhists for whom Christ died and rose again to save.

Why does it work? Simply put, this approach does an end-run around the pitfalls and misconceptions that typical witnessing shortcuts engender when faced with the Thai Buddhist mindset.  Bear in mind that this does not replace the time-honored truths of the traditional "Romans Road" approach.  No, it actually enhances its effectiveness by providing the missing links of the Creation story, the lack of which prevents true enlightenment, understanding, and personal conviction before a righteous and holy Creator-God.  It begins with a simple, non-confrontational dialog that draws out genuine interest by discussing something every Thai loves: "Nature."  It then traces threads of Intelligent Design, clearly seen woven throughout every aspect of Nature, which points to the existence of an Intelligent Designer.  It concludes by transitioning into a clearcut Gospel presentation, asking for a decision.

Word of caution: Relax!  Don't get impatient!  You must allow the Holy Spirit time to apply these truths!  Also, understand that the hearer is not likely to accept Christ at the initial juncture (although that is great, and has occurred).  Yet, when used correctly, the hearer begins to honestly "consider" or "ponder" the existence of an Intelligent Designer... their own Creator God.  This is the very reason I developed this approach, i.e., to get them to actually hearken and think, instead of habitually falling back on their presumptuous misconceptions!  This text is now available in Thai, in small booklet form - see cover sample below.

Conclusion: "No emphasis is more embedded and interwoven within the entire Bible message than the truth of divine creation... " Roy O. Beaman, Th.D (Professor, Scholar, Lecturer, Pastor, Speaker, Author, Poet)

Dr. Henry M. Morris (scientist, professor, author, apologist, father of the modern Creationist movement, and Founder of the Institute for Creation Research), affirms that, "Before one can really know Jesus Christ as Savior or Lord, one must acknowledge Him as...Creator, because He was our Creator first of all.  This is such an important doctrine of the New Testament that it is remarkable how rarely it is emphasized in modern evangelicalism."  SEE Dr. Morris' Article: Jesus Christ, Our Creator

"Before one can really know Jesus Christ as Savior or Lord, he must acknowledge Him as ... Creator, because He was our Creator first of all. This is such an important doctrine of the New Testament that it is remarkable how rarely it is emphasized in modern evangelicalism.

"Creation by Jesus Christ is the doctrine with which John begins his great gospel of salvation: "In the beginning was the Word, ... All things were made by Him; ... and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not" (John 1:1,3,10). It is the foundational message of the book of Hebrews: "God. ... Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds" (Hebrews 1:1-2).

"In the final book of the Bible, Jesus Christ is called the "Alpha ... the beginning ... the Almighty" (Revelation 1:8), as well as "the beginning of the creation of God" (3:14).

"But of all the Biblical passages identifying Jesus Christ as Creator, the most definitive of all is our text for today. Everything in heaven and earth was created by Him, and for Him! "For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen" (Romans 11:36).
Henry M. Morris, PH.D. (HMM)

Dr. Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. and President of Institute od Creation Research (ICR.org) said: "I’m convinced that the doctrine of creation is the fundamental basis for the doctrine of God. Why? Because the Creator of all things is "by definition" God. I have a calling to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as Creator. How? By giving Him the rightful credit He’s due for His incredible workmanship on clear display in the natural realm; and, by opposing selectionism’s personification of nature (Darwinian Evolution) as an idolatrous substitute creator.

I also agree with John Cross of GoodSeed.com, who teaches that: Without an accurate understanding of both the identity and achievements of the Lord Jesus Christ (God the Son), who He is and what He has done is totally irrelevant to the uninformed casual hearer.  Thus, the power of the Gospel to save is stripped of its intended impact and meaning for that person.

The bottom line is: if the hearer (of the Good News) does not have the foundational background to comprehend the meaning of the Gospel message, he who proclaims it is like an unintelligible foreigner (1 Corinthians 14:11).  In other words, without some degree of understanding of the following, the power of the Gospel to save that person is stripped of its intended impact:

1) The significance of Jesus' true identity as the 2nd person of the Godhead.

2) Preexistent God, Almighty Creator, and Lord over all.

3) The historical implications of His Person and Work.

4) His office as "The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sins of the whole World."

5) His ability to save to the uttermost whosoever will come in repentant faith.

  This includes the formerly unaware of Christ their Creator and Savior (John 1:1-5).  That's why "Faith comes by hearing the Word of God" (Romans 10:17). But someone must be committed to go tell them, and someone must be committed to send them (Romans 10:9-15).

This booklet represents the culmination of a one-on-one icebreaker evangelism dialogue that I formulated over many years of trial-and-error development, addressing these very things.  It bypasses typical wrongful assumptions and pitfalls on the part of the hearer.  These are things that we missionaries keep running headlong into in our best attempts to share the Good News using traditional methods.  Unfortunately, with all due respect, many missionaries (including yours truly at one time) are essentially still stuck in the same habitual routine, i.e., relying solely on the "Romans Road" or "Four Spiritual Laws" approach. This approach is good, but it MUST be prefaced by the essential missing link of the Creation story and all that it entails (set forth in the previous paragraphs).

Considering Creation Thai Booklet Cover
Over 100 Thousand In Print

Pocket Edition (A7-size paper)

r o n m y e r s (AT) i s a n b i b l e (DOT) o r g

Ron Finished the Translation of the Isan New Testament at 12:10 PM on Friday, December 14, 2012 (Thai Time).

Thai-Isan and its New Spoken Lao Editions
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